Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Perú.
Hotel Molino Sacred Valley Peru
Moray Maras Hotel Molino Sacred Valley Peru


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Chillout and Relax

We offer peace and serenity combined with the highest quality infrastructure and a number of activities that will help you unwind and recharge. No stress (including stress of overpriced holiday), just nature, great people, and new ideas. If this is what you like, come and visit us!

Visit Machu Picchu

Every year, nine out of ten guests who visit us uses Hotel Molino as a base to visit Machu Picchu. We are conveniently located a 10 minute car ride from Ollantaytambo’s rail station and you can comfortably do a day trip that starts and ends in Hotel Molino. Find out more

Hotel Molino Colibri Bird Watching

Make Time For Amazing Birdwatching

With several gardens and multiple trees, Molino has tens of bird varieties atracted by flower nectar or fruits. Our green colibri are flying so close you can almost catch them if you stretch out your arm. Come and watch these amazing tiny creatures, and take some great pictures, too. Read more

Go For Outdoor Activities

At Molino, the number of trekking trails are endless – uphill, downhill, crossing springs, climbing rocks, walking in the fields or in the forest, you name it. If you prefer to stay onsite, then you can play badmington, volleyball, table football, sapito or refresh in our outdoor pool. And, if you are more of an artistic soul, we have canvases and paints available for your use. Read more

Enjoy Natural Scenery

Beautiful landscapes are part of the experience of the Sacred Valley. Explore the curvy, inclined dirt roads, a serpentine river, long stripes of fields and of course imponent mountains. Check out the treks we offer to help you chose the optimal itinerary for you and your family. 

Immerse Yourself in Millenial Traditions

Andean textiles represent a continuing textile tradition spanning hundreds of years. Peruvian weavers are known worldwide for their skills and elaborate traditions. These skills form part of everyday life of many villages in the Sacred Valley to this day.

For our guests interested in learning more about Andean culture and style of life we organize a half day trip to a nearby mountain village. There you will learn first hand about the making of textiles, as well as operating a chaquitaclla, an ancient agricultural tool used in the high plateaus to cultivate the most basic of foods, the potatoes. Read more

Practice Astrophotography

Let yourself be dazzled by the gigantic, starry night sky above Hotel Molino. Try to track down planet Venus and Southern Hemisphere constellations. Experiment with night photography. We offer short courses and overnight treks to help you learn and improve your astrophotography skills.

Experience Organic Gardening

Despite what you may think, the use of artificial fertilizers is widespread in Sacred Valley. In Hotel Molino gardens we do not use artificial fertilizers, artificial fumigators or artificial anything. It certainly takes more time and effort to cultivate organically but we take lots of pride in creating and maintaining our little oasis. 

Check Out Our Books

Gradually growing, the library of Hotel Molino has the ambition of becoming one of the better equipped libraries in the Sacred Valley. Currently the collection includes books in five languages covering topics related to mountain climbing, history and culture of Peru and South America, fiction, nature, and visual arts. 

You can read books about Hotel Molino available online: Hunting Eagles (Secret Life in the Sacred Valley of the Incas), Hotel Molino and Constellation Venus.

Meet Our Dogs

Our three friendly dogs live with us in Hotel Molino. We welcome guests who don’t mind seeing them around.

Leave No Trace

Endless horizons, clear skies and having the world to yourself are the true luxuries of modern times. Here at Hotel Molino we believe everyone can do their bit for the environment, and we encourage our guests to adopt a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy when visiting us. Read more

Relax more

Whether you are staying with us for just one day or for the whole week, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Hotel Molino. Appreciate the immense and virgin nature around. Feel cozy in our rooms and common areas which have been designed specifically to help your body and mind rest, all while preserving local traditions.

Every visit and every guest is very special to us.