Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Perú.

Bird Watching

Few places on earth can match Peru’s geographical diversity. 84% of the world’s climatic zones are represented in Peru; the world’s largest oceanic current, highest and most extensive tropical mountains, driest desert and the Amazon rainforest,  containing the world’s largest river. With this natural abundance, it is no wonder the diversity of Peru’s bird population is not matched by any other country in the world.
Peru is home to more than 1,800 bird species, and new species continue to be discovered even today. The majority of birds can be found in the Amazon areas and the warm slopes of the Andes.
Birds Hotel Molino, its gardens and surrounding natural areas are the habitat of a large variety of birds. We offer birdwatching tours, lessons in bird photography, and can introduce you to bird experts who will be able to help you navigate the beautiful and complex world of this bird paradise. 
Here are some of the birds you can see in Hotel Molino:
– endemic: rusty-fronted canastero (canastero de frente rojizo), hestnut-breasted mountain-finch (monterita de pecho castaño) 
– hummingbirds: green and white hummingbird; green violetear hummingbird
– other: andean flicker (carpintero andino), andean sparrow (gorrión andino), white-browed chat-tyrant (pitajo de ceja blanca), black-throated flower piercer (pinchaflor de garganta negra)
We also organise trips to the nearby Manu Natural Reserve where you can admire some of the most colorful, breathtaking species of tropical birds including a large number of hummingbirds, macaws and water birds.