Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Perú.
20 Mar

Works in Hotel Molino


Peru public works

Perched like a nest on a strip of land, Hotel Molino overlooks the Vilcanota valley, and faces massive mounts in three directions.

This privileged location comes at a cost. Being so close to the nature means we need to be very vigilant to what the nature brings, as it won’t forgive our negligence.

During the rainy season, just one day of consecutive rainfall causes the mountain lakes to overflow with water and inundate the land below. Even when it rains less, but the water channel that collects the water from the lakes ha
ppens to be blocked, that extra water will again bring down a mass of mud and stones that will destroy slopes, dirt roads and housing infrastructure.


In this particular place, rebuilding the dirt road and infrastructure requires agreement and cooperation of the entire community.

It is difficult to mobilize people for a social cause – they will find excuses to avoid you, and you don’t have leverage over them. It is difficult to mobilize people for a social cause anywhere, and the Valley is not an exception.

It took heavy pressure on local authorities and neighbors to start repair works of the damaged and unusable road. This time, the persistence paid off. Look at this group of men. Well equipped and professionally trained, they came with heavy machinery and spent the entire day working.

With effort and perseverance, good things can happen. Even in a remote Peruvian village.

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