Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Perú.

Leave No Trace Ethics - Why Do We Care ?

Endless horizons, clear skies and having the world to yourself are the true luxuries of modern times. Here at Hotel Molino we believe everyone can do their bit for the environment, and we encourage our guests to adopt a ‘Leave No Trace’ policy when visiting us. 
By following these key principles everyone can make a difference & keep the Sacred Valley beautiful. 
Key Principles 
Use only durable goods
  • To eat and drink: use our porcelain mugs and plates, as well as metal or wooden utensils
  • To carry items: borrow our backpacks, baskets and textile bags
  • To heat: take advantage of our fireplaces and put on warm clothes 
  • To light: we use designer lamps made from recycled bottles and solar lights
Reduce single-use products and excess pollution  
  • Cook at home
  • Walk where possible 
  • We use solar energy to heat water. Enjoy hot showers on sunny days, try cooler ones on rainy days. We are in the subtropics 24/7 anyway 
  • Use water to clean tiled floors – no need for detergent 
  • Make it hard for others to see or hear you – visual and audio pollution is as bad as physical waste 
Dispose of waste properly
  • Recycle as much as possible – reuse bags, clothes, books, stones, glass and wood 
  • Sort organic vs non organic 
  • Take any plastic bags or receipts back home with you 
Practicing a Leave No Trace ethics is simple: strive to LEAVE NO TRACE of your visit. 
We would love to hear about your experience in doing so and we welcome any suggestions on how we can further help to build awareness, appreciation and respect for Peru’s natural and cultural heritage.